I knew there were other werewolf types.

Location: Eastern Texas

Ever since my first set of huntings in Texas werewolves have been the ultimate threat. Don’t get me wrong, vampires, elves, etc. all are threats, but werewolves are just nasty. These are not your romantic movie werewolves, no rough and ready boys and girls who are probably great in bed, if a bit bitey.

They are stinky, deformed things that attack anyone, and who are incredibly contagious. A single scratch can end your life, or worse yet prolong it as a werewolf. I had one incident I might talk about later when I had to jump into a pack of them, I am very very fortunate to be here still.


Actually this is pretty compared to the werewolves I have met.

Even with my experiences with these wolves I have wondered about the possibility of other types of werewolves. I sometimes get caught up in wondering if media version of creatures exist, and for the most part they don’t. But werewolves have always been a thing.

Over the last few months I have gotten scattered reports, even from Teal, about benevolent werewolf attacks. In one incident a werewolf rescued people from a fire in their RV and went back in to rescue their chihuahua. This was almost unbelievable to me as well, except there was footage of it. Normally a werewolf would only get into an RV to eat the chihuahua, but not this time.

Finally after another encounter in East Texas I decided to go hunting. We had all figured this was a joke, but I couldn’t risk another round of infectious werewolves, so Paul and I loaded up my vehicle and off we went.

We went to the last encounter area and followed the scent/track on foot. By morning we had arrived at a small trailer, next to a large vehicle garage. The scent went all the way up to the trailer itself. Paul and I decided to just go forward and approach whoever it was.

We arrived and knocked on the door. A slightly surley darker skinned man answered, injured in his leg and asked what we wanted. He got curious though as he noticed we didn’t have a car with us after a few moments.

I figured I would just come forward and ask straight up. “Are you a werewolf”. He looked at me without blinking an eye and said “yes”. I think even Paul was confused for a moment by that answer.

We stuttered for a few moments, ready for an attack when he invited us in and introduced himself as Will. He made us cheeseburgers and gave us beer. He was injured from that incident and it turned out that some raiders had attacked him with silver. He made it a point to protect the area and all the stories we heard were when people needed his help. He even shifted to show us what he looked like.


Screw Team Edward, I am on Team Will… HAWT!!!

He seemed to be telling the truth, and after some questioning it turns out he is an Amorak, an Inuit shapeshifting wolf. He explains the myths he heard was that an Amorak mated with a human and stayed nearby taking care of her and her offspring, and the line of shape-shifters had started from this.

We talked more and I decided to offer to heal him. There was an awkward pause but he then accepted. Telling us about the human raiders that had been hurting the people nearby.

It was somewhere during this time that Will’s friend Tim arrived. Tim had scouted out the raider’s place and Will decided he was going to attack. Paul and I both believed he should be helped and we spent the next evening destroying the raiders.

It turns out Will is a pretty nice guy. I learned Amorak’s mate for life, and that he would probably, slowly, lose himself to the change as he got older. It made me feel sorry for his friend Tim who watched over him, but there is nothing we could do.

On a positive note Will let me ride him and hug him. HE IS SO SOFT AND FUZZY. OMG if he was interested I would come visit him all the time.


He was three times this large and I am definitely hotter.

So instead we offered to supply the two of them with anything they might need. We will start having patrols come out here as well so they can offer assistance. There are a lot of scattered people out here. I think Will needs help, even if he doesn’t realize it.

However, my belief there might be other types of werewolves was proven true, and it means I am going to keep an open mind about other types of creatures as well.

It should be noted, if I find a vampire that glitters in the sun I will have to kill them without a second thought.

hell no to glittery vampires


Old Times

It was actually a lot more fantastic then I thought. Last week I got hired to do my first hunting job in probably a decade and I forgot how much I missed it. I mean really really missed it.


I can carry that many weapons on me without a pack. Amateur!

I was hired by Jack, a local leader for a motorcycle club. Evidently his men were getting attacked outside the walls of Dallas and it was something supernatural. He had heard through Sprocket that I might be able to help him.

I met with him on Tuesday evening, and it has been a long time since I have been in a club’s house, or around people who live that lifestyle, and I was struck by how much I missed it. Not that I would give up my life here, but enough to make me think I might need to do part time hunting.

Jack explained that one of the club members had been accused of and found guilty of robbing from them. The suitable punishment was meted out, and nothing had happened for about a year. Suddenly in the last few weeks the person came back and started killing club members. He would appear in the road, with his motorcycle and chains, he would then attack and kill any of Jack’s people.

It could be a lot of things, but the first thing that came to mind was a revenant. Someone who was wronged in life, seeking out their vengeance in the after life. Jack took me out and I looked over the remains. They even had a priest come out before me to bless the area, and no luck. It definitely was a revenant.


Something like this, except wearing biker leathers.

I then had Jack take me out to the site where “Boots” was seen last. I looked it over, went back to the club and talked with them. I told him what a revenant was and that maybe he should look through the records again, because this could have been someone who was framed. Jack did that while I went back out to the freeway.

I performed the old salt circle trick and it seemed to work, Boots appeared and I was surprised that he wanted to talk. He didn’t attack me. Evidently he wasn’t angry at everyone, but he was angry at one of the other club members, who had set him up.

salt ring

I have had boyfriends perform this on me to trap me away, but sadly for them it doesn’t work.

We talked for awhile and came to an agreement. If I could find the truly guilty person who set him up and bring that person here, he wouldn’t go after anyone else. He would just take that guilty person with him back to the underworld. I offered to try and resurrect him, but he turned me down and instead just wanted the man. I told him I would see what I could do, and I left him in the circle.

I went back to the club and talked to Jack. It turned out this guy that Boots is looking for did seem to have framed Boots. I told Jack about the agreement that Boots was willing to do and Jack was willing to go through with it as well. Jack felt bad about the mistake, but Boots seemed to understand and there didn’t seem to be any love lost.

We took the guilty party back out and Boots and that party met up and then Boots was gone, leaving a burnt body behind. We buried the body, came home and Jack paid me my first hunting fee in almost two decades. Talk about deja vu and a feeling of coming home all at the same time. Jack said I could come drink and have food anytime at his club.

The people there are hot there, not in a Hollywood way, but in a real way. I bet Chrissy just sniffs when I mention them.

So there it is, my first real hunt in a long long time. I missed it and I think I might talk about this more.

Nergalshal in the house

black-158186_640The last few weeks after Marlon’s birth has been mostly me getting back in shape, watching the graduation of Ben, Lain, Perry and Layla, along with welcoming Gabby to her spot on the “ruling council” as it were. I think that will make the decisions more fair to everyone if we disburse it out.

Pandit came back during this time and has been trying to get Paul and I to connect to our respective deities via her traditional methods of meditation, meaning lots of sitting and making weird sounds as we hum. We found that neither Paul or I can connect using the same method as she uses. Paul went out to the desert and communed, and eventually she (the Huntress) came to him. Meanwhile we discovered that I can meditate and commune with Abraxas while fighting or being active. Evidently faeries can actually meditate by using movements, who would have thought that?

That whole kneel in front of incense is bullshit!

At least once we figured this out, it stopped Pandit from screaming that my god is lazy. Although evidently he isn’t as present in my life as he was with the earlier avatar, I hope I am not a disappointment. Meanwhile she also stopped screaming at Paul that the Huntress was too tiny to handle things.

The reason for all of this was the fact that Nergashal has chosen an avatar and is blooming. I am the only one who can kill him without being infected (hence the need to be under the active protection of Abraxas while I fight), while Paul is the only one that can track Nergashal’s envoy. Even with my tracking knack I couldn’t. I am glad I got Paul around, I would really be up shit creek without him.

A couple weeks passed and Pandit once again showed up out of the blue. She found the avatar in a small town to the northeast of Dallas. Everyone moved quickly and together like a team. Jessie and Chai gathered the priests, Chrissy gathered the students, Paul gathered his hunters while Mark prepared some bad ass spells. We went to the town together, and it was the hardest thing in the world for me to do. I felt so lost, like a fifth wheel. I realize that isn’t the case, but my instincts told me to charge in.

Eventually we got to the town. Paul set up his hunters to snipe and he tracked the avatar to the church. My students engaged the cultists while I came in from the opposite side of the town avoiding fighting anyone.

I snuck into the church and found another black tree with dead bodies. At the base of it was a desk with an old elf and avatar to Nergashal. I shot him with a clip of ammunition, to no avail, switching to swords. He charged out screaming about how my fucked up path is no match to the ancient path itself. I think he was surprised that I matched him.

We fought for a long time, he wasn’t able to get in on me too much, and I started making fun of him. The whole time I was staying on the defensive watching, antagonizing and resisting his nergashal curses.

I distracted him by throwing a white phosphorus grenade into the tree. He screamed and charged me even more. Eventually the fight ended with me killing him, and grabbing all of the papers/items in his desk. We then burned down the church and I went home exhausted.

Now I am laying here in bed writing this. Once we get a chance to look over the stuff I may know more. I am hoping to figure out how to kill Nergashal outright.



babyfairieI have just given birth to a wonderful baby boy. We named him Marlon Slade Smith. Like his sister, he is probably half my size. He is healthy, happy and incredibly cute. I forgot how much I liked babies.

I have been staying home these last couple of months breastfeeding him. I was reading it would make him healthier and it gives a chance for Gabby to focus on the changes with what she and Amber are going through losing the creepy part of being a demon. In a couple of weeks we will swap over duties and I can go hunting again, and investigate Cherry Log.

Other than that it has been very quiet. I had a really nice baby shower that Slade and his wife threw for me. A lot of people showed up, there was hugs, presents and drinking (except for me). I am really lucky, hopefully I will still feel that way next time.

I am back

shortgirlI know it has been a long time since I posted last. Things have been incredibly busy, many things have come to pass and overall life is looking up.

The first thing, I am pregnant again. Mark and I went to the midwife yesterday and found out I am going to have a boy. Marisa will be about 5 when he is born, not a bad time between them. Although if we are going to have more children I would like to have them more regularly.


I was reading through some of the old posts and I figured I would update the list I wrote at “Fantasia Sucks”. Since that list has been outstanding I have written what the original list portion was in blue and followed up with any changes since then in black. By doing this I think it will set up future posts by giving you a brief update on all those little parts.

  1. Train Jessie at the Market, get him feeling comfortable and let him help me organize things. Jessie and his partner in crime (not lover) are both head priests. They go to the market, they take care of the day to day crap. I don’t know if I could do this without them. In addition to this, I have turned the school over to Chrissy for the most part. She (like Jessie) is rocking it. I sort of come in to both of them and look around, but as a rule I haven’t seen anything I would change.
  2. Find a bookkeeper/manager. Marbles is right, I can’t figure out half of this shit. Mark doesn’t have time (and I think he doesn’t have the inclination) to fill this role. Paul wont work, he is slowing down, I think Marbles is right, I think he is going to become a full time cop. Damn that hurts, I never even considered that. Not only did Paul become a cop, he became the head cop for Dallas. I do miss him (and I will post more about it) but he is happy. I can’t blame him for being happy. In addition though to being happy, he has really helped change things in the police department. The integration of the fey is going well and I am proud of him.
  3. Train my apprentices in all the paths, maybe adjust it as much as possible for pixie and/or human input. Not only have I trained them, we have adopted a new set of apprentices including other fey, an elf, a minotaur and a nymph. Things are great and the training is being adjusted more and more. The inclusion of modern weapons and tactics I think brings more to it. Definitely more about this coming up.
  4. Prepare for my trip around the USA. I want to hunt, and spread the word of Abraxis (that seems weird when I write it down). I want to see how things are in other places, find where might need help and maybe gain some apprentices and acolytes (are acolytes right word for religious apprentices?). USA trip is still a go, but postponed. A bunch of stuff has come up and I think my next sojourn is going to be Cherry Log and the fey lands, then off to the rest of the USA.
  5. Work on our house/group/religion/whatever you want to call it. I need to figure out with help of friends how will this work. I also need to figure how it will act concerning the Pixie House. Things are going really well. Way too much to post here except to say we have expanded the church, the school and our connections with the Faerie house. I am incredibly happy.
  6. Get Jessie trained up enough to cleanse me of the apple. Done and done. The apple is cleansed out of me. I have ascended and have changed a lot.
  7. Maybe work on relations with Paco. I need to see if I can get him to stop disliking me. I want to learn more about my people and maybe open his eyes and get him to be a bit more flexible….. LOL I think he likes me but nothing has changed…..

Thats it for my very very short update. I have to start planning our hold, setting up how our school works officially and do the same with the church. I didn’t realize how much responsibility I would have. I do miss hunting, and I plan on hunting and honestly I plan on doing more on this journal. So stay tuned!

Vampire Swarm

We did it today, we found those stupid vampires! I got a call just as the sun was about to set from Paul. Evidently they had accidently come across a vampire hunting a human. It was caught on video and uploaded to youtube. Well that’s it, the vampire’s “silence” is over. They are now a meme and a topic that is rushing through twitter, the cable news and even the old people’s news at 5pm.

All the hunters went down to the area of the city the attack was filmed. We could feel the vampires, and we were surprised, there were hundreds of them. They had taken over a large apartment building. I took Marbles and Christy with me. While we were there the local newswoman spotted us. After a brief conversation with Christy and Marbles I decided to talk to her. Evidently Kincaid couldn’t talk to her, and the Mayor refused to warn the citizens of the danger. So I asked the newswoman to warn everyone, in turn I let them follow us in the hunt.

The vampires were being pushed my direction by Paul and the rest of the hunters. I don’t remember most of the fight, it was a blur of my blades and the sound of Chrissy and Marbles guns. I do know by the time I was done I was covered in what felt like tons of bug guts. I then finished up the interview with the newswoman and went home.

I got home and picked myself up two more apprentices. Marbles and Christy each brought in someone they thought would work out. We want to start bringing in more so this is a good start. One was a fire faerie, the other was a young kid who might be able to physically do it. I think both could do it so I took them in. The young human was named John and the fire faerie is named Darby. I will write about them more when I learn more.

Return of the Death Cult

shortgirlIt happened, another child was struck by that horrendous pain/death cult (I talked about it here). It was a young child this time, maybe 8 years old. The hunters brought the kid and family back. He was falling apart, his skin peeling and he was slowly withering but not dying. His parents were in shock, but they wanted Abraxas to help, and of course I would never turn them down.

Jessie and Chai both sat with me while we fixed the child. It took a lot more effort then the last women. I think Jessie can do it now though. I don’t think the hunters believed we could fix the kid, the look of relief was palpable. All of us wanted to stop whoever was doing it. Paul and I both discovered we couldn’t casually track the Death Cult.

We talked with the child and found out where he played, and were others were starting to get sick. The hunters were set off into a grid pattern to hunt for who or what. Evidently the central area everyone got sick at was at a basketball court. I stayed in the middle to heal anyone we came across while the hunters continued to look. After healing for quite a while, I was told they found a shrine.

It took some time but I got there and found it to be the single nastiest room I have ever been in. I couldn’t even cleanse it myself,  I needed Jessie as we both sat and came up with a ritual on the fly to fix it. I could feel the attention of Abraxas as we cleansed the room and the land.

We never did find the actual cultists, but we did return home after cleansing the room, feeling much better.

Stupid fucking death cults, I am executing anyone I find on sight.